"Reiki has made me feel empowered to help the people I love. My most amazing healing experience happened when my toddler son came out of surgery. He was feeling a lot of pain and was agitated. I began to Reiki his sore area. He immediately relaxed and the heart monitor showed his heart rate normalizing.

Monica is so knowledgeable about energy healing and is a generous teacher. The class materials were very comprehensive, which I especially appreciated because I was able to refer to them to reinforce my new skills.  The class was the perfect balance of the history and origin of Reiki, and technique.” - Donna 

“I have always been plagued with poor circulation (freezing hands), so when I felt a Reiki Master touch me once with her hands hot as fire, I thought maybe I should explore it for myself. When I learned a colleague of mine was teaching a class, I knew it was more than a coincidence, so I signed up. Having taken Reiki I & II with Monica Fernandes, I have not only used Reiki to heal myself, but also to send healing energy to friends and family in need. Unexpectedly, Reiki has also enhanced my psychic gifts – a blessed and unexpected development!” - Carla

"I have journeyed with Monica from Reiki I to RMT status.  Her spiritual insights, encouragement and sense of humor helped me to keep moving further.  With EvolutionMaker, I have learned to listen to my heart and become the healer I was always meant to be." - Patti  

“I knew something had to change in my life, and Reiki presented itself as the answer. Reiki has enhanced my life considerably and I highly recommend that everyone get in touch with this healing power within themselves. I have completed all 4 levels of training with Monica and could not have found a more passionate, gentle, loving and caring teacher. Monica teaches out of her love and respect for Reiki in order to share this technique with others and not to profit from it. Her deep understanding of Reiki made the classes very informative and enjoyable. I'm sorry to have reached the end of my class time with her, but have found a wonderful, caring friend!” - Rebecca

“I wanted to thank you Monica for bringing me through the journey into Reiki I and now Reiki II. You have the magic touch! You make all who know you feel like they have known you for a very long time. You are the best! I plan on moving on to Reiki Master with you! Hugs!!” - Carol 

Reiki Yourself
Reiki Yourself