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Mónica Fernandes

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What is Reiki?


Reiki is a gentle hands-on energy balancing technique, which facilitates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.  Reiki is a wonderful relaxing method to add to your health regimen, and works well as part of an integrative wellness program.  This holistic approach is known to deal with energy blockages that affect your immune system, reduce stress, blood pressure, help with sleep and so much more.  Whether you have health concerns or know someone who does, there is no better time to empower yourself by learning Reiki or come for a relaxing and balancing Reiki session. 

What is Integrated Energy Therapy?


 Integrated Energy Therapy® or IET® is
one of the next generation power energy therapy systems that assists you in getting “the issues out of your tissues”
for good! Developed by Stevan Thayer, IET® works directlywith your 12-strand Spiritual DNA using the violet angelic energy ray.  IET® focuses primarily on releasing emotional energy blockages. 

What is Environmental Stress Management?


 Environmental Stress Management uses muscle testing of body points and acupressure points to make sure your 
body is working properly, with simple non-invasive
corrections when necessary. ESM also sheds light on which foods you are eating are good for your body. An ESM session takes up to half an hour.  Most of the testing takes place while the client is
If you suspect your body is not tolerant of certain foods,it is helpful to bring them with you in a glass container or small plastic bag, so the practitioner can test them. You can also combine your ESM session with Reiki 
or IET®.